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Goodwood has been the home to the Dukes of Richmond for over 300 years. Today, the 12,500 acre estate is managed by the present Duke’s son and heir, the Earl of March & Kinrara, and the Goodwood Group Management Team (GGMT). Famous for its horseracing, motor racing, golf, flying, shooting and cricket, Goodwood offers a unique mix of sporting activities. The Business Structure Goodwood is a Group of companies organised into three main operating entities: the Estate, Venues and Events. The Estate encompasses the more traditional rural estate income generating activities, such as property, farming, farm shop, forestry, shooting, and also the Estate Services functions of Repairs and Maintenance, Parks and Gardens, Health and Safety, Security, and the West Sussex Countryside Studies Trust (an educational trust). The other, more public facing, operations at Goodwood are run by Events and Venues as ‘tenants’ of the Estate. Venues operate the two golf courses, The Kennels, Goodwood House, Catering and The Hotel. Events run the motor circuit, aviation, the Racecourse and motor sport businesses. The Group central functions support the operations on a daily basis, these consist of: People and Development, IT, Finance and Sales and Marketing. Interests and Activities Goodwood House, largely built by the third Duke of Richmond in the 18th Century, is set at the very heart of the Estate and is lived in by Lord and Lady March and their family. The Goodwood Estate comprises approximately 12,000 acres of Sussex Downland and is the setting in which all the activities for which the estate is so well known take place. It lies in one block, of which approximately 3,400 acres form the Home Farm and 1,900 acres the forestry. The balance of land comprises let land, two 18 hole golf courses, parkland and approximately 3,000 acres of woodland under long lease to the Forestry Commission. There are 160 dwellings and a variety of commercial lettings and property, including the Rolls Royce factory, various commercial interests around the Estate and at the airfield and telecoms masts. Goodwood employs approximately 550 full time people, the majority of whom are based on the Estate, plus an annual contingent workforce of approximately 1,500 people.

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